• How do customers think of the fonts?

    Answer: Many customers think our font works well and thank us. Below is the screenshots of their last email response.

  • How to make new font?

    A: It is possible that the fonts you need can not be found everywhere, so you need to customize a new font. Making a font for the average user is a ver

  • How to contact us?

    www.ReceiptFont.com Mate the Best Receipt Font for You ReceiptFont.com provides professional solutions about receipt fonts as the first website of the

  • Which fonts are often used in printing receipts?

    If you are looking for some special receipt fonts that you can hardly find out, the embedded dot matrix fonts will be what you want, no doubt.

  • Can't I use common free fonts?

    A : Receipt fonts are special fonts, all free fonts existing on the web can not be substituted. The similar fonts can only reach 50% similarity at thei

  • How long to make a new font?

    A: One latin font can be completed within 24 hours after confirmation of the order.

  • Can you help me make templates?

    A: If you buy a font, we will give you a template for free. And if not, we will charge you a fee between $30 and $60 according to their complexity.

  • How to change the resolution of dot-matrix printer?

    A: See tutorial.

  • Which kind of printer is suitable for printing a receipt?

    A: It's based on the appearance of characters and paper width of your example printed. The needle dot matrix printer should be chosen if some scraggly

  • How to print a receipt with a font?

    A: Connect the printer to the computer and turn on the printer install driver of the printer install the font into special fonts folder of Windows or o

  • How to install fonts?

    A: Windows Vista and above: Double click ttf font Click the Install button in the top left corner on the font viewer interface; Windows XP: Click Start

  • One font is enough for me?

    A: A font can not be used in every different place. If the styles and skeletons of typefaces are different , you should prepare several different fonts

  • How many computers can I use the font on?

    A: Unlimited. A font is not an application, so we can not control which computer your use a font on.

  • Is there any time limit for font?

    A: No. A font is not an application, so we can not control your time of using a font.

  • Must I offer a sample before ordering a font?

    A: Yes. We can't guess which font you want subjectively, can we? You had best provide us with the original reference photo or scan.

  • What's the price of your fonts?

    A: We price the fonts according to their complexity. A font is not an application, once sold, we can not control the use of the user, and the user gets

  • Can I pay via paypal?

    A: We mainly request money via paypal, and account ID is receiptfont@hotmail.com.

  • What is the workflow?

    A: We follow the principle that a client may pay after checking the result. We won't let you pay in advance, and you needn't give us any deposit. P

  • What features do your fonts have?

    A: We don't design the fonts, but to develop them; We use our unique program to develop the fonts according to the print principles and print results ;

  • How are the original receipts printed out?

    A: Many of the original receipts are printed out by some application that invoke some binary font from the printer chip in terms of ESC/POS instruction

  • How can I do when no fonts are proper ?

    A: The fonts which we show on this website are not all fonts that we have made. Meanwhile, maybe the font which you want is not available in our ready-

  • How do I use the font?

    A: After installing the fonts in the fonts directory of windows or other OS, you can use them in the text-editing applications like word or excel and p

  • What is the font format?

    A: The fonts are TTF format commonly used in computer. You can use them in the applications like word or excel to print any document as the common font

  • Are you sure the fonts can meet my need?

    A: We have many years of experience in the printed font researching. We don't use photoshop or illustrator to design outlines of fonts, but according t

  • Why not offer a trial font to download?

    A: Because of download limitation from web hosting. Please contact us directly to obtain a trial font. (Note that the trial font contains only a limite

  • How to get the font?

    A: You can contact us to purchase the font or obtain a trial font in various ways which are provided on the site.

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