Terms & Conditions

Before you buy font/template from our store, you need agree to the following terms and conditions:

Limited License
We grant you a limited, non-transferable license to use the font/template for your own use, provided that you do not modify, distribute, convey, assign, deliver, sell, sublicense, or other actions on the font.

Use of Font/Template
You acknowledge that the font is reproduced from printer chip for facilitating printing of USB printers. You agree that you will ensure that the usage of font is legal. You acknowledge and agree that the sample pictures shown on our website are for expressing the fittness of the font, not for the convenience to make fake things.

Technology Requirement
You acknowledge that you need to install third-party fonts to perfectly display the template if it is without embedding font in it. When you buy fonts, you should know how to decompress a zip file and install/use font.

The font or template is provided “as is”. You buy the font or template by your jdugement at your own risk. We do not grant or accept any explicit or implicit, legal, regulatory or other warranties with regard to the font or template, in terms of condition, quality, performance, merchantability or its suitability for a particular purpose.

Exchanges and returns
All sales of font/template are final. Once purchased, it may not be returned, exchanged, or refunded. In the unlikely event of malfunctioning font/template, we must be notified within 7 days of order providing the purchase screenshots, the detailed technical evidence of malfunctioning font/template, and the font/template itself in order to verify your claim. If, after a technical audit of the allegedly malfunctioning font/template your claim is confirmed by us, you will be provided with replacement font/template. Any issues and questions must be addressed at e-mail address receiptfont@hotmail.com.

We processes personal data in accordance with its ‘Privacy Policy’. You can consult this Privacy Policy here.

How To Buy & Download Font? ( demo video )

How To Download Font? (Video Tutorial)

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