How can I trust you?

For you and us who have never met, the worry is reasonable. You can verify our reliability by the following methods:

1. Use e-mail or other instant communication software to talk everything;

2. Use Teamviewer app to watch our fonts and our work;

3. Test the authenticity of the font by screenshot of whatever string you want;

4. Test the authenticity of the font or template by screencast video what we will send to you;

5. After purchasing the font, you can contact us by email to get the font again. If there is no reply within 4 hours, please file a complaint on PayPal.


Contact Us

If you want to find proper font/template rapidly, or want a new font, or any other questions, please contact us in the following ways:
  • click to start skype
  • facebook: matchfont
  • Leave a message