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All Characters of bitMatrix-E3:

bitMatrix-E3 Font Opened by Windows Default Font Viewer:


    Can you guarantee I can download after payment?
    If you can't see the download link of font after payment, please refresh page 1-3 times. If you still can’t download it, please contact us by e-mail to get it. Please learn more.
    What should I do if the payment fails?
    You can test USDT,, Skrill, TransferWise etc. Please learn more.
    How can I trust you?
    You can verify our reliability by the following ways: E-mail, Teamviewer remote view, demo screenshots, demo video, PayPal resolution, etc. Please learn more.
    Can I get a template for free?
    Yes. When you buy any font with a price greater than $56.9 in Store, you can get a template which use this font, or let us customize a template for you for free.
    How can I do when no fonts are proper?
    Please upload image to identify font.
    Can you help me make templates?
    Sure. Please contact us or upload image to make a new template.
    Does a template have to be used with the matched font?
    Yes. When you have not the font, font in the template will fallback to system default one such as Times New Roman. When you have the right font, the template is OKay on everything. Please see this demo video.
    How to print a receipt with a font?
    Please follow these steps or contact us for more help.
    One font is enough for me?
    One font is impossible to match each occasion. If the styles and skeletons of typefaces are different, you should use several different fonts.
    Is there any time limit for font?
    Are you sure the fonts can meet my need?
    We make the fonts for the best printing result according to printer chip principles. If you are not sure which font is right for your receipt, please upload image to identify font.
How To Buy & Download Font? ( demo video )

How To Download Font? (Video Tutorial)


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